Thursday, July 9, 2009


I was giving and award on July 3 2009.

The award was presented to me by the extremely talented doll artist Jodi Creager.
Thank you so much Jodi!

The rules are, I have to pick up a book that I have at hand, turn to page 161 and write the fifth sentence on that page here. Then pass the Award onto five other bloggers.

The book I'm currently reading is a technical manual for Windows server 2008. I will not bore you with that, so the last book I read will have to suffice. Let's see page 161 and the 5 line say's ...."Oh, to the other side of the West-end". Good luck figuring that one out.

I would like to recognize a few good friends I've made online:

A talented fabric artist and funny friend. I know you'll love her pillows and accessories as much as I do.

Candice is a fellow Texan with a unique sense of humor and a gift for crime scene photography. I just love her dead fairies!
Gypsy Trading Company

The first person I met online and can call a friend is an avid model horse collector and creator of fantastic scenes for horses and dollhouses!
Golden Unicorn Miniatures

Joyce is a miniature clay artist. She forms all her pottery by hand, no wheels involved here. She make the best vases and bowls!
Mostly Art

Tom is a fellow turner who lives in Canada. He does amazing work with stone. His selection of materials and the finish he imparts to them is inspiring to see.
Turnings In Miniatures


  1. Thank you so much, Mike, for your friendship and for the award. You are a gem!

  2. Open the gates
    To the Land of Wog
    Where a treasure awaits
    You on my Blog


  3. greetings from