Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time is fleeting........

I've been so busy with ideas lately nothing seems to get finished. I've got four tables in various stages, two flintlock pistols that need their brass butt ends figured out and some patio furniture that just needs sanding. I haven't turned many vases lately, but do need to shoot and list some I turned last month. My distraction projects have started to take over more than just my free time.

There's the gunsmith shop that needs so much attention, the aging process on the building ate up too much time last week, (stain takes 8+ hrs to dry). While waiting, I started another bench. I don't need another one for it. Maybe I'll bash it into a work table for a cabinet makers shop,..... now I'm gonna have to make one of those too?

The tables as of now are...
  1. Texas ebony tilt top with pedestal and pad foot. The top is book matched and has great figure.
  2. Big leaf maple burl tilt top with pedestal and pad foot.
  3. Black walnut and maple chess board inlaid in a mahogany top with a walnut pedestal and pad foot. It's a drum style with two drawers.
  4. A Herman Miller coffee table Designed by Isamu Noguchi. It's black walnut and acrylic.
All are so close to finished, I wonder why I haven't yet.....

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  1. Let's see pictures! You haven't been here for a while, but thought I would let you know that you have been tagged...

    Check out my blog for more information. It's ok if you don't have time to do anything with this. You're life is a little busy right now! :)