Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still don't like it.

I hate staining wood. I guess its better than painting it, even though I enjoy painting.

I don't normally stain my work, I like the wood to speak for it self. There is such character in wood grain and I try and select the most interesting I can find. My current project requires very dark aged walnut. I've had some success in the past with adding a painted patina and that would work this time as well. The trouble is, it needs to be as authentic as possible and a light wash of paint over the many different materials involved just wouldn't hold up and age properly.

I guess the real question is does it even matter? The tiny things I make just sit around and collect dust. In time your not going to be able to tell the difference. Unless it's handled a lot and rubbed, then the paint would peel and reveal the hidden little errors. The added time to do things right the first time can make all the difference. So I've taken the time to use filler and stain the wood. Then it's time for more sanding and a five stage finish. I hope this piece is looked at and held often....


  1. Hey Mike!!

    I'm doing some long overdue updating on my blog, and found yours while doing so. I'm enjoying it so far, learning what you do and how you do it is fascinating. :0)

    You do such beautiful work, it's strange to hear that you might not be as impressed with yourself as we are! LOL

  2. Sorry it took so long to respond to this comment. I been having trouble commenting while using Firefox, just tried Explorer and all is well.
    I think I'm just a little overly critical of my work. I find I really like something until I start shooting pics, then with the extreme magnification all the flaws start showing up and the shine of the newness wears off real fast.